Our Mission

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The CA Math & Science Challenge! is a nonprofit dedicated to providing curriculum, teacher training, & ongoing professional development for K-8 Schools in underserved communities who wish to create Early Learning Advantage™ robotics-based sTEm programs.

Let’s Get Our Kids in the Game!

Support our new Initiative for 2020: STEM Stars Are Readers!

Support the Math & Science CHALLENGE!

An “Early Learning Advantage” Program designed to create Math & Science Superstars

The Math & Science CHALLENGE!

A Science and Information Technology Program modeled on the US Olympic Development Program.

Three steps to developing world-class math & science “athletes”:
  • Step 1: Get young children playing the “game” of math and science
  • Step 2: Build a growth-mindset using Pass-Try Again Challenges and coaching: We can do this, we can solve this problem—if we just work at it! 
  • Step 3: Create a sustainable STEM culture w/ Math & Science Challenge Tournaments and teacher support networks  

Early Learning Advantage

“A good beginning never ends.  

The CA Math & Science Challenge STEM DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM begins at age 5 with a K-3 robot-based* Introduction to Programming, Problem-solving, and Applied Mathematics. Children don’t know they are doing STEM, they fall in love with their robot, learn its language, and teach it to climb the  Project Challenge-Tree

Project Challenge-Trees™

The Robots Change, Year-by-Year

It’s not about the robots! The Robots change as the children get older and technology changes. The key to success is time in an Active Learning Zone™

California Math & Science Challenge is a Non-Profit Benefit Corporation (501c3)