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The CA Math & Science Challenge! is a nonprofit dedicated to providing curriculum, teacher training, & ongoing professional development for K-8 Schools in underserved communities who wish to create Early Learning Advantage™ robotics-based sTEm programs.

Let’s Get Our Kids in the Game!

Support the Math & Science CHALLENGE!

An “Early Learning Advantage” Program designed to create American Math & Science Stars

Can early elementary students really learn to code, problem-solve, and apply math?

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Visit our old “IT Olympics” blog to watch videos of six-year-olds playing the “game” of math & science in an Active Learning Zone™ Math & Science Learning Environment:

Kimiko and Sage, age six, learn about DISTANCE and DIRECTION by playing robot darts.

  • Vivi, Lilly, and Meredith, ages six, six, and seven, learn about CIRCLES and DEGREES by trial and error.
  • Jon & Dave, age six, explore RIGHT ANGLES, and put together all what they’ve learned in earlier Robotics Project-Challenges as they take on the 4th Challenge: “Teach your Roamer® Robot to go down the maze and into the garage.

The Math & Science CHALLENGE!

A Science and Information Technology Program modeled on the US Olympic Development Program.

Three steps to developing world-class math and science “athletes”:
  • Step 1: Get young children playing the “Game” of Math & Science–at a young age; 
  • Step 2: Identify those with a true love for that game; 
  • Step 3: Get them World-class Coaching in a Special Math & Science Learning Environment: Active Learning Zone™.

Early Learning Advantage

“A good beginning never ends.  

The CA Math & Science Challenge STEM DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM begins at age 5 with a K-3 robot-based* Introduction to Programming, Problem-solving, and Applied Mathematics. Children don’t know they are doing math & science, they fall in love with “their” robot, learn its language, and start to teach it to solve puzzles on the Project Challenge-Tree

Project Challenge-Trees™


The Robots Change, Year-by-Year

*Note: The Robots change as the children get older and technology changes. It’s not about the robots! • See Post “21st Century Mind Tools: How to Choose a Robot for Your Early Learning Math & Science Program.

In this Early Learning Advantage™ program….

  •  Children program the computers, not the other way around!  

The CalMathSci STEM DEVELOPMENT program gives children a lifelong head start and an experience that fights the current reigning paradigm of passive, click & play “edutainment” software, by starting children off with four years of meaningful, enjoyable, hands-on interaction with computers, mathematical concepts, and information technology.

With your help and this Early Learning Advantage™ approach, we can produce American math and science athletes who can compete anywhere in the world, surviving—and thriving— in the unpredictable Information Age economy. 

We offer 3 Tiers of Training:

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“California Math & Science Challenge” is a Non-Profit Benefit Corporation (501c3)