How Do We Create World-Class Math & Science Athletes?

Let’s Get Our Kids in the Game!

To fix American students’  decades long slide in Math & Science knowledge, we need to start American children playing the game of Math & Science at a young age! When a country wants to compete in the Olympics does it go out and recruit high school freshman to start developing soccer stars or volleyball stars? Of course not! Five or six years old is the right age to introduce young athletes to your game. We have been introducing Kindergarten to 8th Grade students to programming, problem-solving, and applied mathematics for 17 years now with great results.

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Why shouldn’t we do the same for Math & Science?

Mental Athletes: 5 to 11 Years of Age!

With the Early Learning Advantage Approach… we can do so much better!

K-8 girls and boys, classroom teachers and specialists, peer coaches and volunteers, all working in an Active Learning Zone environment (LearnCreateShare) can master:
 • Programming  • Problem-Solving  • Applied Mathematics • & sTEm Design.
They can start doing math and science before they know what math & science are—and if they begin in kindergarten they will have nine years of coding by the time they graduate 8th grade. In our experience they have so much fun solving problems that give them real power to over their environment that they demand to be taught more math & science so they can move up a level.
“Give me more tools and more knowledge so I can do get better at this game!”