5-Step STEM “Active Learning Zone” Design Checklist

How do you create an Active Learning Zone?  See 5-Step Active Learning Design Checklist

  • ◊ 1st. Give Students Clear Learning Goals (Visual Learning “Prepared Paths to Excellence” aka Project-Challenge-Trees™)
  • ◊ 2nd. Give Students Choice (Order of Completion, More than One Way to Solve a Problem, Extra Credit Challenges)
  • ◊ 3rd. Give Students Clear Feedback on Progress (Visual Tracking & Mastery Checklists: Individual  or Group Mastery Exam required for every project!; Teachers are coaches who improve performance, instead of grading it.
  • ◊ 4th.  Design a Progressive “Tree” of Project-Challenges (When students Pass the exam on a project they should always look up to find a Next-Step Progressive Challenge that builds on the skills & knowledge mastered in earlier Project-Challenges; student see the point of the work!)
  • ◊ 5th. Give Students Meaningful Challenges (“Real-world” power over the environment; Skills they can use without their Teacher!; “Real World” Work: kids want to lift Star Fighters, Save the city from monsters, not solve abstract “word problems.” See Ted Radio Talk: How Star Wars energized my physics students.