What a year for CA Math & Science Challenge!

What a year it’s been for us at CA Math & Science Challenge. Our mission to empower teachers with effective sTEm curriculum has begun in earnest with schools throughout San Diego County.

For instance, Ms. Bolling, the new head of the robotics program at Innovations Academy Charter: using  a curriculum that included our Challenge Trees and Coaching/Assessment Checklists, Ms. Bolling helped every K-8 child  experience some level of robotics programming at Innovations.

We have continued to support the wonderful teachers in our Hoover Cluster as they strengthen their own robotics Robotics programs.

What started out as an after school robotics programs is starting to work its way into the regular classroom schedule as teachers experience student growth in independent problem-solving skills, coding, mathematics, and engineering. The 3rd-5th grade students at this cluster had two opportunities to participate in weekend Challenge Event Tournaments:

Across the city, similar progress was made at the Arts & Sciences Academy where we introduced sTEm programs during the school day and expanded offerings for the after school robotics program to include 3 distinct levels of robotics offerings. During the day students were able to use Challenge Trees to build Birdhouses, Batboxes, Raised & vertical gardening enclosures as well as learn about the physics of sound and electricity to construct their very own speakers. The products never end up exactly the same from year to year and even within the same classroom….that’s the way it’s supposed to be. Students exploring their own ideas about the science and engineering and getting a real taste for what to means to solve an engineering problem.

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