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Early Learning Advantage™ • Three Levels of Training

The CA Math & Science STEM DEVELOPMENT program gives children a lifelong head start —a relationship with technology that fights the reigning paradigm of passive, click & play “edutainment” (which they experience on “smart”phones, game consoles, streaming sites, and social media)— by starting children off with years of meaningful, enjoyable, hands-on interaction with computers, mathematical concepts, and information technology.

At Math & Science Challenge Events, children program the computers —not the other way around!

Guided by  trained classroom teachers, the  Early Learning Advantage™ approach can produce American math and science athletes who can compete anywhere in the world, surviving—and thriving— in a global economy that never sleeps. 

We offer 3 Tiers of Training:

Can you really teach Kindergartners to write Code? Yes!

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